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Commercial Moving

Movement Pro Van Lines

Commercial Moving Services in NJ by Movement Pro Van Lines

An office move can become a much more stressful event than a residential move. Many people get stressed only thinking of an office move as the process can be quite daunting. However, as one of the best commercial moving companies in New Jersey and New York, we are prepared to help you make this a smooth transition. Let the professionals at Movement Pro Van Lines make your next office move a seamless one.

Realiable and Trained Commercial Moving Project Managers

We believe that a successful commercial move is largely attributed to a complete and organized commercial relocation strategy. With the assistance of the trained office moving project managers at Movement Pro Van Lines, we have made a mark as a dependable commercial moving company in New Jersey and New York. We will be able to provide you with a viable commercial moving and storage plan and to assure a stress-free commercial relocation with minimum lag time.

State of the Art Commercial Moving Equipment & Technology

As licensed office movers, we are in tune with your business’s needs. We have taken care of and provided many office and commercial moving services. We are aware that commercial moving is a specialized field that requires knowledgeable personnel, modern equipment and advanced technology. Movement Pro Van Lines is dedicated to serving businesses with the best moving service possible.

Our commercial moving services include:

  • Relocation planning services.

  • Move supervision by a personal project manager throughout the relocation process.

  • Masonite boards to protect floors and/or carpets.

  • Expert packing & unpacking.

  • Tagging and marking of all items.

  • Expert handling of all office electronics and/or high-tech machinery.

  • Expert disassembly and reassembly of employee workstations/cubicles.

  • Licensed dumping service/debris removal w/ optional roll on/off container service.

  • Clean, late-model fleet of trucks equipped with hydraulic lift-gates, ramps, and multiple access doors to cut down on loading time.

Specialized Commercial Moving Services to Suit Your Company’s Needs

      The main goal of all corporate moving companies is to be as time-efficient and cost-efficient as possible. As one of the leading moving companies , we are dedicated to meet and exceed all your expectations. Our moving experts take complete information of your new location including the dimensions, the floor plan, and furniture placement. This process also ensures a quick and efficient move from your old office to the new one.


       In the majority of cases, unless specified by you, the commercial moving jobs are performed after hours or on the weekend so that you do not have any down time and your productivity is not hampered. At Movement Pro Van Lines, we will work every hour of the day and night with an aim to service our clients in the most convenient manner.

Call Movement Pro Van Lines for Your Next Commercial Move

You can trust us to handle your company’s next move in the New Jersey or New York area. Call us today to receive a free onsite estimate.

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